MFK Edition Foxpro Shockwave 1052


FOXPRO has set the bar, once again, with the MFK Edition SHOCKWAVE! This four speaker system has two horn speakers and two tweeters for excellent sound quality and volume capability. There are 2 external speaker jacks if you desire even more volume, an auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a Jack Predator Decoy, and a charge jack.
The MFK Edition SHOCKWAVE comes with 200 high quality FOXPRO sounds, 100 MFK premium sounds and the ability to store and access up to 1,000 sounds. You can operate the MFK Edition SHOCKWAVE manually or with the MFK Edition SHOCKWAVE remote control.
The TX-1000 remote features a full color graphic LCD screen which displays your sound list or sound categories. It also has a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer or time clock, FOXBANG technology and much more. FOXMotion allows you to fade the sound from the left speakers to the right speakers to help sell the reality of your call sounds. FOXFusion allows you to mix and match any two sounds at the same time during your calling sequence. FOXPitch allows you to manipulate the pitch of the sound in an effort to trigger a response. FOXData allows you to record real time information from each and every stand so you can access the data for future reference. The MFK Edition Foxpro Shockwave is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA.
​Feature Highlights
100 MFK Sounds Plus 200 Standard FOXPRO Sounds.
FOXBANG™ Automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting after discharging your firearm. (See instruction manual for FOXBANG options.)
FOXMOTION™ Mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right one.
FOXFUSION™ Mix and match any two sounds of your choice.
FOXPITCH™ Lets you manipulate the “pitch” of any sound in an effort to trigger a response.
FOXDATA™ Activate FOXDATA and it records real time information (temp, barometer, moon phase, stand duration, shot time) from each stand. Over time you will be able to predict animal activity/hunting success based on hard data.
FOXCAST™ Virtually hands-free calling with FOXCAST sequence files.
AUTO VOLUME™ Automatically ramps up and modulates your volume.

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All MFK Edition Foxpro Patriot, Shockwave, X2S, X24 and XWave callers will include these 100 MFK Premium Sounds:

-MFK Coyote Assembly
-MFK Pup Scrap
-MFK 1wk Roo Pup
-MFK 2wk Boone Pup
-MFK 3wk Gargle Pup
-MFK 4wk Jiggy Pup
-MFK 5wk Boone Pup
-MFK 6wk Smack Pup
-MFK 9wk Boone Pup
-MFK 12wk Roo Pup
-MFK 16wk Smack Pup
-MFK Baby Coon Den
-MFK BigCoon/Baby Coon
-MFK Baby Jay
-MFK Baby Justus Jack
-MFK Baby Kitten Cries
-MFK Bad Intentions
-MFK Bird Brawl
-MFK Boar Bash
-MFK BoarSow Bump
-MFK BooneSmack Duo
-MFK BooneSmack Fight
-MFK BooRoo Beatdown
-MFK BooRoo Double
-MFK Briar Rabbit
-MFK Bump N Grind
-MFK Caught Fawn
-MFK Caught Rabbit
-MFK Chimney Sweep
-MFK Comp Male Howls
-MFK Coonjay1
-MFK Cotton Chirps
-MFK Cotton Cries
-MFK CottonBomb
-MFK Coy Fem Inv. Howls
-MFK Coyote Duet
-MFK Coyote Food Brawl
-MFK Coyote Gray Fox Fight
-MFK Coyote Growls
-MFK Crippled Jay
-MFK Crow Assembly
-MFK Crow Clammer
-MFK Curious Crow
-MFK Death Grip Pup Fight
-MFK Deer Steak
-MFK Den Attack
-MFK Den Vicious
-MFK Den Vicious2
-MFK Dying Pig
-MFK Family Group
-MFK Fast Rabbit
-MFK Fawn Distress
-MFK Feeding Pigs
-MFK Fem Dominant Howls
-MFK Fem Lonely Howls
-MFK Filthy Rat1
-MFK Fowled Up
-MFK Gang Violence 16wk
-MFK Garble Garble 8wk
-MFK Good Stuff
-MFK Gray Fox Barks
-MFK Gray Pup Screams
-MFK Gray Squirrel
-MFK Hello Howls
-MFK Hooked Pair Fight
-MFK Jabber Coon
-MFK Jibber Jabber Pups 10w
-MFK JiggySmacked PupFight
-MFK Justus Gray Fox
-MFK Mad Pig
-MFK Newborn Kitten
-MFK Old Cotton Jolly
-MFK Pig Slop
-MFK Pup Jibberish 7wk
-MFK Pup Distress
-MFK Pup DistressX
​-MFK Pup Fight
-MFK Pup GrowlWhines 10wk
-MFK Pup Jabber 8wk
-MFK Pup Lone Howls 12wk
-MFK Pup Mix
-MFK Pup Mix3
-MFK Pup YipHowls 11wk
-MFK Pup Yips & Moans
-MFK Rabbit Stew
-MFK Raspy Squeaks
-MFK Red Fox
-MFK Ruthless Rabbit
-MFK Screamin Fawn
-MFK Squeals n Moans
-MFK Sterling Gray Fox
-MFK Submissive Beggar
-MFK Submissive Whines
-MFK Subordinate Male
-MFK SunRise Song
-MFK SunUp Serenade
-MFK Super Gray
-MFK Sweet Squeaks
-MFK Woods Rat
-MFK Woods Rat2