About MFK Game Calls

MFK Game Calls is a family owned, faith-based company established in 2009 in deep southeast Arkansas. We are dedicated to producing the very best game calls and sounds available in today’s market for calling all types of wildlife with both mouth and electronic calls. Our calls and sounds are used by successful hunters across the globe for both pleasure hunting and contest calling with numerous stage and hunt titles to their credit. Specializing in recording live coyote vocalizations from our very own hand raised, free range coyotes making the MFK sound library the only one of its kind in today’s predator industry. We also study and document all types of coyote behavior to bring you the very best up-close coyote research information available anywhere. Our goal is to provide our viewers and customers with the very best products, education, entertainment, and information possible while ensuring we shorten the learning curve, increase your skills, and up your success on all future hunts.

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